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Why Terminator Genisys Is The Movie Fans Have Been Waiting For

This past weekend I had the opportunity to watch the most recent entry in the Terminator franchise, Terminator Genisys. Given the past couple of movies, I honestly kept my expectations low. However, this movie really surprised me! I’ll keep this short and sweet and I will try my best to not give away any spoilers. In my opinion, it’s really a movie you should watch if you’re a longtime fan of the Terminator movies. ESPECIALLY if you’re a fan of the James Cameron films. From the very beginning this movie had my undivided attention, the action, the pacing, subtle and blatant nods to the James Cameron films, solid performances by the cast, and lastly… it’s the not the same old “rinse and repeat” plot! Some of the things that stood out the most to me was that this genuinely felt,  and is an attempt to do something completely different with this movie series. John Connor is no longer humanity’s last hope, but now one of the harbingers of it’s planned demise! Something DIFFERENT, and it’s refreshing! Kyle Reese is fleshed out much more than any previous incarnation since the very first Terminator. And speaking of fleshing out characters… we even see the Terminator get a little bit more development(very reminiscent of Terminator 2)! The best way I can sum up this movie is that it evokes those feelings of nostalgia, while also giving you a renewed interest in this film series by going in a completely different direction. As fans, this is the Terminator movie we’ve been waiting for, and definitely worth checking out.


Power/Rangers Short Film: The Controversy

As I’m sure most of you are already aware, the “Power/Rangers Deboot Fan Film” has caused

quite a bit of controversy within the Power Rangers fandom and the general public at large.

Many have praised it and others have condemned it. What did I think of it?

I thought it was well made and executed. But did it feel like Power Rangers?

To be perfectly honest, and this is just MY opinion, absolutely not. But you know what? That’s okay!

It’s a Fan Film, specifically it’s Joseph Kahn’s take on Power Rangers. Geared towards an adult audience,

this movie goes places that have yet to be seen or explored. It has been described with words

like, “grim”, “dark”,  and “gritty”. Any of which would be an accurate portrayal of this film.

It has great action, it’s well written, and the acting is spot on. So why are many die-hard fans

in such a frenzy? Well my guess is, a lot of them feel it’s not Power Rangers, and to a

very significant degree… it isn’t.


It’s one man’s interpretation of what Power Rangers could be from a more mature perspective.

Should people be mad about that? I personally don’t believe so, Joseph Kahn was willing to go as far as to make

a small feature; funded, written, and produced by him and his associates. Furthermore, it’s also a non profit project,

so aside from some notoriety, he won’t be getting any other kind of compensation for his efforts.

I feel this feature was over the top in every aspect, which is primarily why I didn’t care for it.

 So obviously, I am not endorsing this short but,  I am not condemning the director’s efforts.

Nothing in this film is relevant to the actual canon of the Power Rangers universe, so it really does

nothing to hurt the franchise. If anything it helps it  to garner more interest and attention from the

casual fans. However, it shouldn’t be taken for anymore than what it is, a high profile fan made film.

IT’S HENSHIN TIME! Part IV is now in Post Production…

I’m pleased to announce:  IT’S HENSHIN TIME!  Part IV, is finally in post production! If all goes according to schedule, it could potentially see release before the end of the month. At the very least early next month. Without giving away too many details or spoilers, below I have listed things you can expect in Part IV!

  • The primary focus for this part will be: Goggle V, Dynaman, and the Dynaman Parody.
  • There will be a new and shorter intro.
  • The overall running time will also be shorter than previous parts.